Are my bent notes on key?

To know if you are playing the bent notes right, try playing with a piano. If you don't have a piano, try this online piano -

Play an unbent draw note such as the 2 draw. A 2 draw on a C harp is a "G" note. You can verify this by playing a G note on the Piano. They will sound identical. Now play a F note (which is a whole step below a G note). Try bending the 2 draw to match the pitch of the F note on the Piano. If you are able to bend the 2 draw a whole step down, you'll be playing a F note.

Practicing with a piano will help you play all your bends in tune. Here's a challenge- bend the 2 draw a half-step down to get a F# note. Check with a piano to make sure you play it in tune. You might find this bend a little difficult. :)

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