How can I write my own riffs over a 12-bar blues?

A good way to start would be to play the blues scale over the I-IV-V chords of the blues progression several times. You will start developing a "feel" for the rhythm and the chord changes as you do this. You could actually incorporate this into your daily routine. Play the blues scale up and down over the chord changes everyday. 

As you get better at this, start experimenting! Play with it. Try adding variations. Repeat certain notes, and make up every variation you can think of. The blues scale doesn't have to be played bottom to top, and top to bottom. There are lots of ways of playing it. So, play in all directions. You will make mistakes, no doubt, but this has to happen. Some notes will sound good, and some won't sound so good to your ears. As you get better, you will develop a sense of which notes sound good over a particular chord, and which note doesn't. This will help you make your own riffs to play over the 12 bar blues!

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