Is it good to use my tongue to help channel the air?

My guess is that the embouchure you are using is a "U-block" embouchure. This is a variant of the Tongue Block where the tongue is (normally) rolled into a "U" shape. The tip of the tongue is placed just beneath the hole to be played or even down onto the lower cover. Is this what you are doing? 

Although it might be possible to learn advanced techniques such as bending/overblowing with a U-block embouchure, we recommend that you learn a normal lip block embouchure first. It will make it easier for you to learn advanced techniques. Also, most harmonica lessons you will come across will assume that you are using a lip-block you should definitely learn it.

You can switch between the different embouchures later on (if you feel the need). It's good to know all the embouchures. :)

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