DVD is not working on my computer?

The very first thing to try, and it's very easy to do:
SHUT DOWN and RESTART your computer.
The above usually solves most all issues! :-)

Rarely students have reported Windows Media Player causes compatibility issues. You may need to update Windows Media Player. This should solve your problem. Also you can search the internet for a different Windows dvd player software... there are lots of free ones to choose from.

There was a known issue that MacBooks just won't play certain DVD's but the fix has been released by Apple. You may want to try another software program on your mac and see if it can open the discs.

When you play the discs on a some computers, to select the menu items, put your mouse to the left of each menu item (or on top) and you will see the selection light up... then click it.

Here's another thing you can try:
Do you have a tv and dvd player you can test the discs in?

If for some reason a disc is defective, we’ll send you another disc right away, for no charge.

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