I can’t bend like you. I just wanna bend notes to sound great! Any help would be awesome!

If you don't have my Lesson Bundle I would say the best way to progress on bending is to begin my focusing on the 1 draw and/or the 4 draw holes. You'll also need a professional instrument like the Hohner Special 20. I would also recommend you practice without the harmonica. Here's how to practice without the harmonica in your mouth: 1. While inhaling drop the tip of your tongue and raise the back of your tongue. 2. Create a tight passage way for the air to pass through by pushing the back of the tongue against the roof of the mouth. All the air should shoot up the center of the mouth and no air should leak around the teeth. This is called a JET STREM (the sound of the air rushing through your mouth at and accelerated rate). Try to make the sound of the jet stream as loud as possible. 3. Now move the back of the tongue forward and backward in the mouth to change the pitch of the jet stream. (This is the key to bending. By changing the pitch of the jet stream you are changing the resonant frequency of you mouth and the harmonica reed will respond in kind). REMINDER: MAKE SURE THE TIP OF YOUR TONGUE STAYS DOWN as you scrape the back of your tongue forward and backward against the roof of your mouth.  I hope that helps - jp allen

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