Can I submit a video testimonial for your website?

Sure... I would love that... thanks!

Please post a video on Youtube and then send me the direct Youtube link here:

Here are some guidelines for the Video Clips:

  1. Feel free to do as many clips as you like.
  2. Try to keep your clips under 20 sec each.
  3. Talk directly to Me…JP !!!

Here are some video topics you can do:

1. Off the top of your head, what do you most enjoy about my harmonica lessons and did you have any doubts that they would help you?

2. Could you please tell me your personal goals and/or dreams for the harmonica?

3. Why did you choose to buy my course? Did you have any challenges with other harmonica teachers?

4. How did my course specifically help you learn to play the harmonica and what were the benefits?

5. What would you say to a friend who was thinking about learning to play the harmonica by investing in my course, but wasn’t sure?

6. Feel free to add any other comments you'd like :-)

7. OPTIONAL: Please feel free to play some harmonica if you’re feeling ready.

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