Who are the best blues harmonica players for beginners to listen to and why?

My favorite blues harmonica player for beginners has to be none other than:
Sonny Boy Williamson II (He was also known as Rice Miller, Sonny Boy Williams, Willie Williamson, Willie Miller, Little Boy Blue, The Goat and Footsie.)

So which Sonny Boy II CD should you get? Any and all of them. They're all great and they will all be outstanding for you to listen to develop your "harmonica vocabulary".

Who else would be great for you to listen to?

There are so many great blues harmonica players. When I asked my good friend Adam Gussow how he would answer the question, “Who is the best blues harmonica player to listen to (and learn from?)”, these were his top three picks:

1. Sonny Boy II
2. Howlin’ Wolf
3. Dr. Feelgood Potts

If you want the full scoop of why Adam and I selected the above harmonica players for you to listen to, click the link below and go to my blog.


Great question and keep on chugging!

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