Will your lessons teach me how to quickly play specific songs?

My system is one of the best for helping people learn to play songs with single notes. However, because everyone’s taste in music is different, I do very little teaching of actual songs.

The goal is to empower you so that you have the confidence and technical ability to learn ANY song your heart desires. Once you have the technical ability, learning songs is a snap. You can even figure them out by ear very quickly.

One of the biggest shortcomings of most harmonica methods is that they are song-centered at a stage when the student is not ready (because he or she has not learned the basic techniques that go into playing a song).

This seems to be one of the biggest reasons that most harmonica students get really frustrated and often give up and quit. My lessons will teach you tons of popular harmonica riffs (series of single notes strung together).

In a sense, riffs are short little songs, and they act as the building blocks for learning songs. Over time they become part of the repertoire you can draw from when you play by ear or improvise with other musicians. 

Everyone learns at learns at a different pace.

The key to making fast progress is playing regularly.

Even if you can only manage to devote 7 minutes a day to the harmonica, that is good enough as long as you do it at least 3 times a week.

My lessons will help you learn to play the songs you love:

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